Help Us Out

This business would never have even been a thought in our minds without you, my friend. You’ve already done so much to make this dream a reality, and you have our thanks. (Our meaning mine. I, Andy, am the only one working on this website.)

If you want to keep helping out, here’s some stuff you can do:

  • Spread the word! We’re a ways from opening, but we want everyone to know about Andy and Elliot’s. Tell your friends and family, and feel free to talk about us on any social media you’ve got using #queerbooks2k19.
  • Follow us on social media! We’re on Facebook at @andyandelliotbooks, on Tumblr at @thequeerbookstore, and nowhere else right now because I don’t know how Twitter works.
  • Give us money! This link will take you to a page where you can send money to make Things Happen Faster. This website will always have information on what the next bit of money is going to be used for, so you know exactly where your donation is going.

Again, this business would not exist without you guys, and I’m already so grateful for everything, even just you looking at this page. So thanks for what you’ve already done, and thanks in advance if you choose to help out in the future!