One more survey!

People who have been following my progress for a while will know that I’ve come a long way with the help of people who are willing to give me their unbiased opinions on how this should go. So I’m here to ask for help in one final survey.

The first survey was a general interest survey, which generated over 800 responses, long before I had any kind of following. It was enough to make me believe that this bookstore is an achievable goal.

The second was a marketing survey, designed to figure out who my target markets should be and what they’d like to see in a bookstore. Again, I got hundreds of responses, all of which were extremely helpful.

Now my audience has grown slightly, I’m coming to you one more time with just one more survey. This should only take a couple minutes, and is just to understand the thoughts of the populace on some very specific ideas that I haven’t nailed down yet.

If you have a couple minutes to spare and would like to influence the bookstore in a measurable way without spending a dime, take the survey here. If you have a few more minutes and would like to give feedback on the original market survey, it’s here.

Social Media

To all of the new people who are seeing this project for the first time: hello! To everyone else: sup.

I just wanted to remind everyone that we also have a Facebook page which is also updated pretty regularly! You can find it at the bottom of the website, or you can click this link. Be sure to like the page to get updates!

It’s Official!

As of today, Andy and Elliot’s Books is an LLC in the state of Virginia! I’m so excited to have this important step done and to start taking the next steps towards opening in 2019!

Our slogan!

After much deliberation, a few extremely failed ideas, and a lot of wordplay, it has been decided that the slogan of Andy and Elliot’s Books is:

“Your Story Matters.”

Next Up: Marketing

As everyone knows, the secret to opening a successful business is marketing. So I’m taking a class on marketing principles for managers in order to understand how to best get Andy and Elliot’s out there in the world.

I’m hoping that in the future, when Andy and Elliot’s is open for business, people will be able to look back on these updates and see the story of the kid who made everything happen. It’s really amazing to imagine that I’ll be done with school and actually working on getting the business open within a year. I can’t wait!

Eagleworks Small Business Incubator

Super exciting news! As of today, Andy and Elliot’s Books will be working with the UMW Small Business Development Center. That means I’ll be getting help with the business plan, figuring out some good concrete numbers for starting up in t-minus 2 years, and arguably most exciting, the bookstore has a mailing address!

Next stop, business cards. 😀

Just checking in!

I’ve just finished the management course I was taking, and work is continuing on the business, but I probably won’t be making too many huge updates for a while. I have one more year of college and I get back to start that on August 28. Real work should start on the bookstore around the middle of summer of 2018. In the meantime, I’m working with the UMW Small Business Incubator to network, get a business address, and really double down on my business plan until it looks as good as I think it can possibly get.

Things to look forward to:

  • Producing shirts and pins to support the bookstore
  • Monthly book recommendations!
  • Random personal updates

And much more! Probably.

Stay tuned!

Business Incubator!

So one of my wonderful mentors informed me that my university actually has a business incubator, complete with optional office space and a business address! So as soon as I sign up for that and get accepted, I’ll have a business address without needing a P.O. box. Even better, it’s completely free since I’m still a student. As soon as that’s done, my address will be up on the website and Facebook. I’m so excited to see what I can learn from this program.