Who We Are

Andy and Elliot's Books is a start-up bookstore launching in Richmond, VA in January 2019. Our goal is to make queer books accessible and to create a community space for every person and identity. Right now our headquarters are in Fredericksburg, VA while in the startup phase.

Our Story

Andy here. When I was a kid, I loved reading. I still do. But something happened when I was a teenager: I figured out I wasn't straight. Suddenly, books stopped being about me. Everyone else got a romance and a happy ending, and I wasn't even mentioned. When I grew up a bit, I realized I could fix that. Plenty of books have been written about people like me, they're just inaccessible and almost impossible to find. Andy and Elliot's Books is trying to fix that problem, to show kids like me that their story matters too.

Meet the Team

Andy and Elliot's, hilariously, is actually just Andy right now. But you can meet Elliot too, because he's my fiance, and I love him.

Andy Unger

Founder, CEO, Owner, and Everything Else

This is not a picture of my face. I'm in here, but I can't find a good picture of my face. You're not even supposed to be here right now, I said the website was down. Go back to Facebook and wait until I actually finish the website.

I'm a college student with really weirdly big aspirations.

Elliot Tucker

Love of My Life

God I'm really gay. Elliot's also a college student. He likes video games. I named my bookstore after him.

Want to Help Out?

We're still in the startup phase, meaning that we're ridiculously short on funds. Want to help out? Spread the word! A crowdfunding campaign is coming sometime this summer, and we'll need all the publicity we can get! Follow us on Facebook and then tell all of your friends about this frankly kickass bookstore.